Welcome to Well Placed Cactus!

Welcome to Well Placed Cactus

Coding Creative Software for Games, Interactives and Fringe Technologies

Do you need a software development partner?  A team that can handle all your creative coding needs?

We build and deliver games, apps, interactive installations, AR & VR solutions; as well as training and education programs.  Our team can help you scope and quote your projects, free of charge, to make sure your project starts off strong.  We also consult on interactive or systems design if you’re looking for some expert advice.

All our services are coupled with the professional level of communication and collaboration required in today’s fast paced digital landscape.

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Professional People, Projects and Services

We’ve got years of experience taking on different projects and honing a wide range of  skills so we can delivery the best creative solution for your brand, project, product, or installation. Our collaborative and professional focus allows you to deal directly and easily with those developing your project.  We can work directly with your internal teams, creative, production, design or otherwise, to ensure unity across the brief.

If there are two things that completely encapsulate “what we do”, it’s great code and fantastic service. We’re a strike team of gifted and experienced programmers who know and love interactive entertainment, beautiful reusable code and polished products. This is equally matched with our producers and client managers who understand your needs, time constraints and budgets; and will listen and work with you to meet your end objectives.

We’re not your average programming team.  We want to disrupt how digital services are provided by innovating across the breadth of our business.  Whether that’s our locations, our team, our delivery methods, how we identify our client’s pinch points, or how we define good service, we’re constantly striving to be the best in our field.


Giving Our Clients the Confidence to Deliver, Beyond Expectations

What Our Clients Say

  • The thing we liked the most is that WPC thinks along [with us], they bring new and good ideas to the project. That combined with strong technical skills made this project a success. Thanks guys.
  • Working with Well Placed Cactus was a great experience right from the start. We presented them with an ambitious concept that we always knew was going to be a technical feat to get right. Choosing the right development partner to help deliver our concept was critical to this project's success and they certainly met, if not exceeded our expectations. WPC shared our enthusiasm to deliver something that we could all be proud of and they were always professional and accommodating to our creative process. Look forward to working with you guys again!
  • They delivered above all my expectations in every aspect of the project. From their enthusiastic start to the creative finish, I could not be happier that I had chosen WPC to work with on Eggolution and the way in which they helped produce the game. 
  • One of the best things about working with Well Placed Cactus was that, almost instantly, they felt like a natural extension of our team - despite being on the other side of the globe. Communication was clear, consistent and friendly - I genuinely looked forward to our check ins. Not only were they a pleasure to work with, but the work they did for us always delivered.  The work and effort of the team was high quality right up to (and beyond) the finish line of the project. Not only would I recommend them, I look forward to working with them again. Thank you for everything, WPC team!
  • I found the team at Well Placed Cactus to be professional, knowledgeable, capable and responsive. They worked with us to refine and structure our workflow and were able to suggest solutions that fit within our budget and time constraints. I would recommend them for any sized software development project you need a productive and proficient team to work with.
  • Well Placed Cactus were great to work with. They provide a quality service, making sure everything worked right up until completion. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
  • Well Placed Cactus are a great partner to work with. Even prior to our contracts being signed, Well Placed Cactus started to work with us to improve our original game design briefs to ensure that we were getting the best return on our investment. They managed the development of three online games very professionally and delivered right on time! I can recommend Well Placed Cactus if you are looking for someone that provides tailored gamification solutions. We look forward to working with them again in the near future.
  • We were lucky to find the Well Placed Cactus team... We were seeking expert guidance on the use of Unity for our app development. The team brought a lot of knowledge, a practical perspective and solutions-oriented approach to helping us deliver our first app in unity while making it better through their ideas and initiative along the way. We really enjoyed working with Jack, Nic and Paul and recommend them highly for their Unity development skills.
  • Normally when you hire new people for an API project you have to allocate time to teach them how it works. Well Placed Cactus arrived from the airport, mastered ours in an hour and started teaching our developers how to make it better. Over, under, around or through, whatever it took they found a way to do better, faster and more performant. They got things done and accelerated our whole team to excel and deliver.
  • Well Placed Cactus were a great company to work with. They have tremendous talent and genuine love for the app industry. I would definitely recommend and use them for unique new app ideas as they would be able to execute it well.
  • We engaged Well Place Cactus to assist in the production of a game we were developing. Jack and the team were extremely easy to deal with and had very professional ‘nothing is a problem’ attitude. We pay great attention to detail and have found it challenging to get the results we are after with other suppliers. This was not the case with Well Placed Cactus. The game was executed exactly as we had imagined, on time and on budget. We were extremely happy with the result.
  • Well Placed Cactus has been a great development partner. Always thinking several steps ahead, they listen to immediate project needs as well as make suggestions for efficiencies that save time and money down the road. Their solutions are smart and rock solid.


We’re the Right Team

We have a hunger for technology and entertainment that drives us to design and create such a wide variety of engaging solutions. We’ve thrived by exploring and understanding interesting, emerging technology . It’s the marriage between our professional curiosity and our penchant for interactivity that enables us to produce something unique exclusively for you!

Well Placed Cactus is remote and proud.

Our offices are in Melbourne and Brisbane, but you’ll find team members in Sydney and on the Gold Coast too.

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Email: jack@wellplacedcactus.com
Skype: jack_wpc
Phone: +61 414 949 543