Cognitive Testing

Cognitive Testing

Revelian’s brand new game-based assessment is revolutionising the state of play in psychometric assessments. As Australia’s leading HR analytics company, Revelian prize themselves of the quality and accuracy of their products.

Candidates play the role of a park manager, who has to make sure that the park operates effectively and solve any problems that arise. During the day, they need to perform several different tasks, including popping balloons for charity at a special event, constructing and planning a new water park feature, and even fixing broken rollercoasters.

Inspired by traditional psychometric assessments, these games work in just the same way as regular psychometric tests.


See more information on Theme Park Hero.

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Revelian are one of the world leaders in innovative and bleeding edge psychological testing.

They approached us to help them design and develop their newest Psychological Test Game.

We had to work very closely with the team at Revelian to ensure the project met both its requirements as a test and as a game.

We were lucky that the team there were so proactive and the whole process was an amazing experience for everyone involved.

The project has been successfully launched in Australia and will soon be launching in the U.S. as well.

This project is available on all browsers across the older Unity3d Webplayer, and the modern WebGL interface.

As a test it requires huge amounts of data capture, and to be equally accessible to a variety of people from different backgrounds.

Development Skills
  • Unity Webplayer
  • WebGL
  • Serious Games
  • Gamification
  • Analytics
  • Data Integration
  • 2D Art
  • Game Design
  • Questions: 4 separate psychometric games set in amusement park
  • Time: The game as whole takes approximately 10 minutes
  • Measures: Mental Agility, Attention, Cognitive Speed, Spatial Aptitude Numerical Processing Ability
  • Predicts: Future job performance
The enjoyable and engaging game experience is underpinned by a validated and trusted predictive psychometric framework, to help you identify high potential candidates in a fun, fast and reliable way.

Using game-based assessments as part of your recruitment process:

  • Captures multiple data streams, which give you comprehensive insights into each candidate’s abilities and preferences
  • Provides richer candidate insight in a brief, fun and engaging package
  • Takes advantage of strong, well established psychometric properties
  • Means you don’t have to worry about candidates faking or distorting their responses
  • Offers a rich and positive recruitment experience for candidates, enhancing your employer brand.