Skeleton Mirror

Skeleton Mirror

We built an installation to attract conference attendants using the Microsoft Kinect.  The app would track a user’s motions, and mirror them on a skeleton. Users were able to see themselves as a skeleton on screen, along with up to 5 of their friends.

The  Skeleton Mirror Installation also featured some fun easter eggs when the user performed a certain gestures.

The installation featured in a 2015 medical conference.

Motion Detection Installation


Helios are a regular client of ours, and their company culture and diverse work are an inspiration.

This interactive installation featured at a Medical Conference in 2015. Users were encouraged to approach the experience space, which enabled their movements to be mimicked by an on-screen skeleton.

Development Skills

  • Analytics
  • Multiple User Tracking
  • Motion Gesture Recognition

Client Testimonial

  • One of the best things about working with Well Placed Cactus was that, almost instantly, they felt like a natural extension of our team - despite being on the other side of the globe. Communication was clear, consistent and friendly - I genuinely looked forward to our check ins. Not only were they a pleasure to work with, but the work they did for us always delivered.  The work and effort of the team was high quality right up to (and beyond) the finish line of the project. Not only would I recommend them, I look forward to working with them again. Thank you for everything, WPC team!

Using the Microsoft Kinect, the application could successfully track upto 6 users. Performing specific “easter egg” gestures, the users could unlock special effects for their skeleton: a skeletal glow, sparkles, and fitted sombrero.

A number of different background images cycled through every 60 seconds, which included Abbey Road and the Las Vegas Strip.