Stop the Goats

Stop the Goats

An annual event at the Cactus, the 48 hour game making challenge is a chance for the founders to be in the same place and make a sweet ridiculous game over one awesome weekend.

This year they were joined by competitors from years past and made the shootiest, single screen, multiplayer, plane game yet.


48 Hour Game Making Challenge 2014

For this 48 hour game making challenge the founders were joined by friends Paul Cameron, Adam Corbally, and Dan Graf.

After a few beers a highly confusing theory was born around the relationship between awesome games, goat sacrifices and aliens, and Stop the Goats was born.

May contain sweet, secret 3D-3rd person mode for those with guts of steel.

Development Skills
  • Multiplayer
  • Made in 48 Hours
  • Pew Pew Pew!