Acura NSX

Acura NSX

We built a video installation that was displayed over the Acura NSX at the 2015 LA Car Auto Show. The multi-video installation featured webcam video playback as well as custom video content. The creative outcome was a digital display that imitated the realism of a mirror, while providing high quality product content in modern and creative way.

Video Playback Installation

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This project was brought to us by Spinifex in partnership with GPJ. Spinifex are global leaders in digital creative and installation projects, and we work with them regularly.

The experience had a car parked on a rotating turntable. Above the car, was a circular display which played back the video and webcam content. The circular display was the focus of this project.

Development Skills

  • Installation
  • Networking and Calibration
  • Video Playback
  • Masking

Client Testimonial

  • Well Placed Cactus has been a great development partner. Always thinking several steps ahead, they listen to immediate project needs as well as make suggestions for efficiencies that save time and money down the road. Their solutions are smart and rock solid.

There are 3 types of video content: Webcam, looped video, rotation-sensitive video.

  • The webcam video was a live video playback of a webcam mounted on the circular display. This appeared as if the display were a giant mirror.
  • The looped video was a high quality product info video.
  • The rotation-sensitive video generated creative video content that mirrored the rotation of the physical car underneath, while presenting product features. The result was a creatively dynamic display that mimicked the physical car as a mirror