Cisco GSX 2015

Cisco GSX 2015

We built a multi-kiosk experience that helped attendees recognise their strengths as innovators, and provide fun and interactive activities to help improve their innovation skills.

The interactive journey provided users the opportunity to visit interactive learning stations in these three key areas.  These stations consisted of interactive, group participation activities that help attendees learn new strategies and techniques that will improve their overall Innovation rating.

Gamified Assessment and Learning Installation

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This project was brought to us by Spinifex in partnership with GPJ. Spinifex are global leaders in digital creative and installation projects, and we work with them regularly.

This multi-kiosk experience featured at Cisco’s 2015 Global Sales Experience Conference. The experience consisted of 3 key areas: Questioning booth, Networking booth, and Observing Booth; as well as a Self Assessment and Innovation Visualiser experience as supporting components.

Development Skills

  • Installation
  • RFID
  • Motion Sensor
  • Networking & Database Integration
  • Serious Games

Client Testimonial

  • Well Placed Cactus has been a great development partner. Always thinking several steps ahead, they listen to immediate project needs as well as make suggestions for efficiencies that save time and money down the road. Their solutions are smart and rock solid.

Using their registered conference RFID card, the Self Assessment Quiz linked the quiz result to the registered user’s account. After testing the attendees courage to innovate, discover skills and delivery skills, the application directed the user to the Innovation Visualisers to view their results.

The Innovation Visualiser utilised a RFID reader to find the user and their quiz data. Using the Microsoft Kinect sensor, the application visualised a Xray scan-like of the attendee, while their courage to innovate, discover skills and delivery skills scores are presented.  

The 3 remaining learning areas each consisted of two screens: one used for booth instructors to present their innovation learning experience; the other to display a webcam feed of the instructor, as well as feed of the first screen. These innovation learning experiences consisted of interactive games, videos and slides.