Infiniti Q30

Infiniti Q30

We built this project as a video exploration experience controlled by the movement of your hand. Using the Leap Motion, users could move their hands to scrub through a highly polished video of the Infiniti Q30 on a giant screen. While exploring the interior and exterior of the car, the user was presented with information on the Infiniti vehicle.

There were defined call-out points where the user could read information on specific features of the car.

The Infiniti Q30 installation was shown at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show.

Gesture Recognition Video Installation

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This project was brought to us by Spinifex in partnership with GPJ. Spinifex are global leaders in digital creative and installation projects, and we work with them regularly.

Using a Leap Motion built into kiosk stand, users were encouraged to interact and explore the exterior and interior of the Infiniti Q30, displayed on a wall sized screen.

Development Skills

  • Installation
  • Motion Gesture Recognition
  • Networking
  • Video Playback

Client Testimonial

  • Well Placed Cactus has been a great development partner. Always thinking several steps ahead, they listen to immediate project needs as well as make suggestions for efficiencies that save time and money down the road. Their solutions are smart and rock solid.

The experience was controlled via the user moving their hand forward over the Leap Motion to navigate the exploration video experience. The user could also move backwards through the experience by moving their hand back.

The user could control the speed of the video playback experience by the position of their hand. The closer the hand was to the centre of the Leap, the slower the playback speed; the further out the user’s hand position, the faster they moved backwards and forwards through the experience.

The experience featured product information call outs at key moments in the experience. Moving your hand away from the Leap sensors, would result in the application to snap to the closest callout in the experience if it was nearby.