Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V

We built a multi-aspect installation for the Honda HR-V that combined 3 apps projection mapped across the car windows.  The first app was a game controlled from the user’s phone, the second demonstrated different layouts and was controlled by a kiosk app we built next to the installation, the final was a synchronized video playback system to map content across the car and attract users.  The primary purpose was to demonstrate how roomy the car is.

The installation was shown at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Projection Installation

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This project was brought to us by Spinifex in partnership with GPJ. Spinifex are global leaders in digital creative and installation projects, and we work with them regularly.

The Honda HR-V installation was made up of 4 main applications: an external tablet app and 3 apps displayed on the windows of a car projected internally.

Development Skills

  • Installation
  • Mobile Application
  • Video Projection
  • Analytics
  • Serious Games

Client Testimonial

  • Well Placed Cactus has been a great development partner. Always thinking several steps ahead, they listen to immediate project needs as well as make suggestions for efficiencies that save time and money down the road. Their solutions are smart and rock solid.

Networked and synchronized together, the experienced allowed videos to be played on all 4 windows of the car.

One side of the car allowed a slideshow of product information to be displayed, which was controlled by a user via a tablet application.

On the other side, the users could discover how many tennis balls, teddies and rubber ducks it could fit in the car, by flicking items with their finger, from their smartphone app, towards the windows and the car would fill up with the items.