EGGOLUTION is a wonderful blend of pinball and pachinko. It’s a fun arcade style game and it’s now available on iPhone and iPod touch.

Catching eggs as they bounce, float and teleport around the screen couldn’t be more fun. Create combos to get higher scores and catch power eggs to start special modes as you travel from world to world exploring forests, factories and far away galaxies.


9 out of 10 – I Use This App

Paul had a lot of passion to create Eggolution and our team was caught up in it as well.

We love a nice casual mobile game where the primary goal is as simple as fun game-play.

Eggolution came from our team working closely on the design with the client, implementing all the features requested and a tonne of egg puns.

One of our first projects, Eggolution was the project that inspired us to go into client service work full time.

Development Skills
  • iOS
  • Game Design
  • 2D & 3D Art
  • Social Media
  • Leader-boards
  • Game Center

Client Testimonial

  • They delivered above all my expectations in every aspect of the project. From their enthusiastic start to the creative finish, I could not be happier that I had chosen WPC to work with on Eggolution and the way in which they helped produce the game. 
  • 5 Themed worlds each with their own visual style and soundtrack
  • 25 levels of egg catching awesomeness
  • 3 Standard eggs, 4 special eggs, 4 special level items & 2 special
  • Online Leaderboards and Game Center support