Paramedic VR

Paramedic VR

This project was virtual reality experience using the Oculus Rift headset, used at a medical conference. The 2 minute experience placed the user in the point-of-view of a patient who is being taken to the hospital by ambulance.  

Virtual Reality Experience



Paramedic VR was brought to us by a repeat client, Wax Interactive, who specializing in creative digital content for the medical industry.

Featured at a medical conference, this virtual reality experience was designed to allow it’s users to experience being a stroke patient being attended to by paramedics.

Development Skills

  • Virtual Reality
  • 3D Animation
  • Audio Synchronization

Client Testimonial

  • We engaged Well Place Cactus to assist in the production of a game we were developing. Jack and the team were extremely easy to deal with and had very professional ‘nothing is a problem’ attitude. We pay great attention to detail and have found it challenging to get the results we are after with other suppliers. This was not the case with Well Placed Cactus. The game was executed exactly as we had imagined, on time and on budget. We were extremely happy with the result.

The project required a 3D scene to be created, including:

  • props;
  • peripheral environment;
  • and actors.

To replicate real-world mannerisms, the movement and body language of the paramedics were animated, and the mouth motions synchronized with audio dialogue.