About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed our client’s expectations by delivering projects at the forefront of technology, developing creative software to the highest possible standard, and
supporting them however we can.  

To achieve our goals we celebrate futurism and our client’s forays into fringe technology; strive to be leaders in implementing technology based creativity; and
assemble the best possible team.

To attract the best team members we provide a diverse, supportive and challenging workplace that encourages growth, experimentation, passion and inclusivity.

Just the Facts

Melbourne Office

Level 2 / 164 Kings Way
South Melbourne

Established 2015

Founded Jan 2012, our name is from the recap sequence of episode 18 of digimon – “A well placed cactus took care of the ship”

We’ll trade passion for cool any day.

Brisbane Office

Unit 2E / 15 Anthony St
West End

Established 2016


Jack Gillespie



Great teams get great clients and make great projects.

Nic Gomez


Creative Director

Yeah, but if you do it this way, it’s way cooler, see?

Leigh Mannes

Leigh Mannes

Technical Director

Multiplayer between an iPhone and an Atari? On it!

Paul Stapelberg



Sounds like a good time for a process doc!

The Talent

Cameron Baker

Cameron Baker

Wren Brier

Wren Brier
Artist & Project Manager


Rob Caporetto

Tylah Heil

Tylah Heil

Nathan Hold

Nathan Hold

Cam Owen

Cameron Owen

Narkisska Spruce Producer

Narkisska Spruce
Project Manager

Steve Williams

Steve Williams
Senior Developer

Our Beliefs

We are committed to improving our industry however we can.

We engage actively with the local industry and community bodies and believe that more needs to be done to represent the creative development community in Australian government policies and programmes.

We embrace diversity and will do all we can to improve the representation of those groups that are underrepresented in our industry, particularly women.

We are proud to work with educational institutes to ensure that their programmes lead to the best outcomes for students.

We believe that games are fundamental to human learning, and have uses for so much more than fun.  Over 2016 we are looking to raise the profile of serious games by working with other members of the industry, representative groups and academics.

Our Affiliations