Gorilla Band 2

Gorilla Band 2

Building on the success & musical theme of Gorilla Band, Make a Song: Gorilla Band 2 showcases an immersive, 3D jungle-world where a cast of entertaining gorillas learn to appreciate the sounds and rhythms of nature at Jungle Music School, which they turn into two catchy songs!

Crafted with touch screens in mind, this story invites readers to play an active role in the narrative, delivering a sensory experience that is deeply engaging, entertaining and educational for early readers. Sure to delight and entertain for hours!

Gorilla Band 2

#1 iPad Book (Australia)

After the success of the original Gorilla Band, Wasabi decided to follow up with a sequel.

Gorilla Band 2 saw us taking a more involved role in the design and layout of the app including new and improved seamless camera transitions, gyroscope interactivity, water effects, advanced particles, and UI redesign.

These changes were then also ported to Gorilla Band 1.

Wasabi continue to be one of our favorite clients with new projects and prototypes in the works.

Development Skills
  • iOS
  • Social Media
  • Set Dressing & Design
  • Analytics
  • Data Integration
  • Child Friendly (COPA Compliance)

Client Testimonial

  • We were lucky to find the Well Placed Cactus team... We were seeking expert guidance on the use of Unity for our app development. The team brought a lot of knowledge, a practical perspective and solutions-oriented approach to helping us deliver our first app in unity while making it better through their ideas and initiative along the way. We really enjoyed working with Jack, Nic and Paul and recommend them highly for their Unity development skills.
  • Dazzling 3D world and effects
  • Read myself or ‘Read to me’ options with text highlighting
  • Delay interactions option so kids enjoy the words first
  • Array of illustrated and animated scenes from a thunderstorm to a swamp and moreBonus interactions and surprises on every page
  • Evocative Aussie bush sound effects
  • 2 original soundtracks & countless musical riffs
  • World class standards in family-friendliness
  • Parental controls

Educational benefits aligned with Core Knowledge Curriculum and many Common Core Standards, including

  • Development of phonological awareness, recognition of rhyme and text directionality
  • Development of emergent literacy
  • Practice with fine motor coordination
  • Stimulate imagination