ANZ Virtual Garden

ANZ Virtual Garden

We developed the three-story high virtual garden to bring some life and colour indoors. The virtual garden is a digital-take on the more traditional vertical or hanging garden. The garden integrates real-time weather data so when it rains in the real world, it rains on the wall.

To maximise interactivity we integrated Twitter. People from around the world can tweet using the #ANZVirtualGarden to activate digital wildlife like butterflies, dragonflies, mushrooms, ladybirds, fireflies and flowers. They can also start a virtual waterfall, and change the colours of flora and fauna.

“There’s nothing quite like it anywhere else,” says Daniel Cheong-See, National Creative Director at Deloitte Digital.


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Social Installation


This project was brought to us by Deloitte Digital Australia, who are global leaders in the digital and creative space. Deloitte were on the search for a partner who had the interactive development experience to match their ambitious creative vision. We worked closely with their creative team to realise this vision and ensure the project would be a stand out talking point when released.

This is our first project with Deloitte and we hope it’s the beginning of a great ongoing partnership.


Development Skills

  • Installation
  • Real-World Data
  • Twitter

Client Testimonial

  • Well Placed Cactus are a great partner to work with. Even prior to our contracts being signed, Well Placed Cactus started to work with us to improve our original game design briefs to ensure that we were getting the best return on our investment. They managed the development of three online games very professionally and delivered right on time! I can recommend Well Placed Cactus if you are looking for someone that provides tailored gamification solutions. We look forward to working with them again in the near future.

The ANZ Virtual Garden is a showpiece installation in the flagship Martin Place branch in Sydney.

Key features include:

  • Twitter interactions
  • Connected to real-world weather data
  • Connected to real-world time of day
  • Updates with the Seasons of the year