Gorilla Band

Gorilla Band

GORILLA BAND is a highly interactive story book app, developed for publisher studio Wasabi. Awarded a QED seal for ‘Quality, Excellence, Design’ in the 2014 Digital Book World Award, Gorilla Band delivers an immersive 3D jungle-world and a cast of cute gorillas who learn to play instruments and form a brilliant band.

Crafted with touch screens in mind, this story invites readers to play an active role in the narrative, delivering an experience that is deeply engaging, entertaining and educational for early readers.

QED seal for
‘Quality, Excellence, Design’ – 2014
Digital Book World Awards

We were approached by Graham at Wasabi when they were having some trouble with the polish and optimization of Gorilla Band.  We built a very close relationship with Graham and the team over the duration of the project and where able to improve performance, and add new and exciting features.

We’ve since gone on to release two major updates to Gorilla Band including COPA compliance and UX overhaul, and multi-language support.

We love working with Wasabi and have ongoing projects in the pipeline.

Development Skills
  • iOS & Android
  • Social Media
  • Analytics
  • Data Integration
  • Child Friendly (COPA Compliance)

Client Testimonial

  • We were lucky to find the Well Placed Cactus team... We were seeking expert guidance on the use of Unity for our app development. The team brought a lot of knowledge, a practical perspective and solutions-oriented approach to helping us deliver our first app in unity while making it better through their ideas and initiative along the way. We really enjoyed working with Jack, Nic and Paul and recommend them highly for their Unity development skills.
  • Dazzling 3D world and effects
  • Read yourself or ‘Read to me’ option with text highlighting
  • Delay interactions option so kids enjoy the words first
  • Bonus studio section which helps children identify and match sounds to instruments
  • Bonus interactions and surprises on every page
  • Evocative Aussie bush sound effects
  • 2 original soundtracks (1 upbeat and 1 for bedtime)
  • World class standards in family-friendliness
  • Parental controls