META AR Glasses

META AR Glasses

The Meta 1 Developer Kit brings superhero tech to life. Experience a room full of interactive 3D holograms.

Augmented Reality for Tomorrow


Jack was pulled in as an external developer for the META Unity SDK in 2014.

For 2 months Jack worked out of the META HQ in California.

He helped on the Unity team, to integrate new apps, create demo content and on the youtube commercial created for the META 1 release.

Development Skills
  • SDK Creation
  • Optimization
  • Augmented Reality

Client Testimonial

  • Normally when you hire new people for an API project you have to allocate time to teach them how it works. Well Placed Cactus arrived from the airport, mastered ours in an hour and started teaching our developers how to make it better. Over, under, around or through, whatever it took they found a way to do better, faster and more performant. They got things done and accelerated our whole team to excel and deliver.

True Scale Holograms:

  • See the physical and holographic worlds merge through our 3D stereoscopic display in real size, depth and parallax. Meta Products

Markerless Surface Tracking: 

  • Look around the room and watch as holographs stay anchored to physical tables, floors and walls – thanks to our low-latency, 360º tracking. Meta Products

Natural User Interface:

  • Grab, pinch and touch 3D objects in the real world, and drive a touch-based holographic user interface.