The new Kspace experience involves visitors building their own robot to travel back in time to a mystery place in Australia’s history. Visitors receive a mission, unique to the time and place where they have been transported. They need to work together with team-mates to complete their mission before time runs out and they are transported back to the Museum.

Installation for Children

This project was brought to us by Spinifex who are global leaders in digital creative and installation projects, and we work with them regularly. We also worked closely with Freelance Developer Clint Hannaford.

Initially we were engaged to develop the 21 minigames in the project, but Spinifex were so happy with our work that they further engaged us to undertake the set dressing, and core gameplay in 3 of the scenes.

We worked closely with the producers and art team at Spinifex to ensure that each deadline was hit successfully.

We were also responsible for a good portion of the backend networking required to keep the games synchronized, playback global audio and load assets into the game.

Children create their own avatar each play and learn about Australian history.

Development Skills

  • Installation
  • Multiplayer
  • Networking
  • Broad Scope
  • Game Design
  • Serious Games

Client Testimonial

  • I found the team at Well Placed Cactus to be professional, knowledgeable, capable and responsive. They worked with us to refine and structure our workflow and were able to suggest solutions that fit within our budget and time constraints. I would recommend them for any sized software development project you need a productive and proficient team to work with.

Kspace is a massive installation in the National Museum of Australia which involves 7 scenes in Australian history and is played on 24 screens, by 16 children at the same time.

The 7 scenes included:

  • Gold fields
  • Adelaide Agricultural Show
  • Franklin Dam protests
  • Kimberley region
  • Lake Mungo
  • Prehistoric era
  • and Sydney Habour Bridge construction

Each scene included 4 minigames, which were made up of 2D Platformer, 3D maze & 3D runner game styles and a combined mech mode game. Each game had various collectibles and themes such riding different animals, chopping wood, and escaping a termite mound.

The installation also included a customisable avatar design station and an achievement-ranking system.

Interpretation, Learning and Audience Engagement Award at the Museums and Galleries National Awards 2016

Judges comments:

“Loved how involved children were at every stage of this project. This is an exciting and unique activity. Not only is the project itself of high quality (partly in reflection of the budget) but this application is well written and engaging. The principles behind the new Kspace at the NMA were a key determinant in the success of the project:

1. A focus on children and families
2. Use innovative interactive technology
3. Must have strong relevance to the Museum’s themes
4. It should be fun!
5. Do what can’t be done elsewhere
6. Connect on-site and online
7. A concept that is easily communicated
8. A serviceable solution
9. A lifespan of 5-7 years.”

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