Kinect Fencer

Kinect Fencer

This Kinect game taught attendees at a medical conference about the benefits of a new medication.

Engaged Learning through Fun

This Pharmaceutical Education Tool was designed for a medical conference to educate attendees on the benefits of a new drug using Microsoft’s Kinect.

We worked closely with Wax and developed a game that integrates the vital learning objectives of the product with fun entertaining aspects that holistically engages the users.

Wax were another happy client who we continue to work with for the 2015 conference.

Development Skills
  • Kinect for Windows
  • Gamification
  • Multiplayer
  • Installation

Client Testimonial

  • We engaged Well Place Cactus to assist in the production of a game we were developing. Jack and the team were extremely easy to deal with and had very professional ‘nothing is a problem’ attitude. We pay great attention to detail and have found it challenging to get the results we are after with other suppliers. This was not the case with Well Placed Cactus. The game was executed exactly as we had imagined, on time and on budget. We were extremely happy with the result.
  • Local multiplayer
  • Kinect based gameplay
  • Educational gameplay
  • Conference installation work